Our Values

No Logo BZH a totally independent festival

No Logo BZH is a reggae and world music festival that is still in its infancy, having been created in 2017 in Brittany. Michel Jovanovic, its founder and programmer, has also been behind the concept in another region of France since August 2013.

For its sixth edition in 2023, the No Logo BZH festival will once again be held at the Fort de Saint Père, a stone’s throw from Saint-Malo and the beautiful beaches of the Emerald Coast.

In 2023, there will be four days of festivities and sharing, always with the aim of presenting the best of French and international reggae of the moment, covering all styles: Roots, Dub, Dancehall… with a good dose of world music. Our aim has always been to offer an eclectic, high-quality programme, mixing international and French artists with new discoveries, at price that’s affordable for everyone.

The first three editions of the festival have demonstrated the enthusiasm and support of the public for this event, which is now firmly established in Brittany’s cultural landscape, with 26,000 festival-goers at the 2019 edition, compared with 19,000 in 2017. We haven’t let up in 2020-21, as we’ve set up a test festival project with epidemiologists from Rennes. The project has been approved by the Ministry of Health. In 2021 and 2022, the public turned out in force, and we were all delighted to be able to present our new festival.


The No Logo BZH festival is a concept in its own right. Inspired by the theories set out in Naomi Klein’s book “No Logo”, the festival aims to transmit the values found in the message conveyed by reggae, namely the spirit of independence and awareness of individual responsibility in the quest for freedom.

With this in mind, and in order to abolish incentives to consumerism as far as possible, the organisers have made the following choices:

– No public subsidies

The festival’s aim is to remain as independent as possible in its choices and to develop an economic plan in line with its values.

 - No private sponsors

From the outset, the No Logo BZH festival has chosen to employ all the people working on the festival, either individually or through a number of associations such as Jette-moi un regard in 2019, for people with disabilities. In 2021, as the financial situation was more complicated (due to Covid), we called on volunteers, but the people in charge of the teams (box office, bar, tokens) were paid the same as the artists and technicians.

In these troubled times, the No Logo BZH festival conveys values such as solidarity, tolerance, peace and freedom, while giving festival-goers a sense of responsibility for the local economy and respect for the environment.

By becoming consumer-actors rather than mere consumers, everyone can take their destiny into their own hands.

So, it’s up to you to decide, and let’s continue to exist together!

For more information on our concept and the values of the festival: YOU DECIDE!

In 2020, we offered 100 PASS 3 days to the carers who work every day with people in hospital and who are fighting against the Coronavirus. Every year, we invite an association that helps the most disadvantaged. In 2022, Les maraudes du coeur de Saint-Malo will have an information stand at the festival.

Les valeurs du festival No Logo BZHReportage France 3 Bretagne 2019

Actions for environnement


Cyclogistic will be on hand during the set-up and dismantling of the festival, and will also be helping THE FAMILIES to transport all their camping equipment from the car park – it’s on the move!


La super équipe de bénévoles pour l’asso partenaire AREMACS avec TAÏRO & TIWONY, en 2022..

We note that No Logo BZH festival-goers respect the site: In 2022, 562g/person and 77% of waste recycled.
The great team of volunteers for our partner association AREMACS with TAÏRO & TIWONY, in 2022…
We’re counting on you to continue to limit waste DURING THE FESTIVAL and, above all, TO SORT your waste. Whether in the festival village, on the campsite and/or in the Fort (concerts)! To do this, like every year, different bins will be available, so please respect their colours😉

Do you want to join THE CLEANUP TEAM? Sign up here: https://www.nologobzh.com/en/volonteers/

The AREMACS association will be on hand at the AGORA (festival village) to help festival-goers learn more about waste sorting, and in 2023 the BIKE-CLEANER will be powered by your pedalling: a FUN, SPORTSFUL AND PARTICIPATIVE event. Food scraps and compostable plates will be shredded to improve the recycling process! The food waste will be recycled by GRDF in the form of methanisation to produce green gas, which will then be fed back into the GRDF network.


The Aremacs association, De l’Assiette au Champ and GRDF are joining forces to offer No Logo an innovative approach to recovering bio-waste! The distinctive feature of this approach is that it offers recovery via two short, virtuous, local loops. The bio-waste collected is transformed into compost and green gas, in a complementary approach.


In 2023, in addition to the traditional dry and vacuum toilets, there will be urinals for girls & boys😉