Tyrone Downie Stage

Al Griffiths – Photo Samuel Tarin

The Gladiators have been in the arena since 1967, when Albert Griffiths formed the group whose name was suggested to him on a bus by a passenger who had just seen the film “Ben Hur”: the idea of these men fighting for their freedom, rather like his fight against Babylon, immediately appealed to the Rasta.

Formed by Albert Griffith (guitar and vocals), the group’s first hit was the single Hello Carol in December 1968.

Albert Griffiths, leader of the legendary group since its beginnings, produced an album entitled Father and Sons for the 2004 tour. Recorded at the Anchor studio in Kingston, Jamaica, and produced as a family with his two sons, Al (vocals) and Anthony (drums), this new opus is particularly moving as Albert Griffiths bids farewell to us, ‘Father and Sons’ being his last album.

For many years, these two sons have continued to sing Albert’s songs.

We’re delighted to welcome the band to the Tyrone Downie stage.