Tyrone Downie Stage / 23H10

Taïro is back in force with a double album and a fierce determination to finally meet up with his fans in the flesh!

Plunge into the heart of authentic reggae with Taïro at the No Logo BZH festival, where this true craftsman of music is back with an overflowing fervour and an emotionally-charged double album.

For Taïro, music is a genuine family passion, a heritage he cherishes while pursuing his own artistic path. Inspired by his father’s struggles and Bob Marley’s universal message, he embodies both commitment and freedom of expression in his songs.

With songs like “Elle Veut”, Taïro has established himself as one of the spearheads of French reggae, winning over an ever-growing audience with his authentic music and committed lyrics. His performance at the Olympia in March 2023 was a great success, and he is now continuing his festival tour, ready to set the crowds alight with his infectious energy.

Don’t miss the chance to experience Taïro at the No Logo BZH festival, where his inimitable charisma and intoxicating music will transport you into a world of positive vibes and sharing.

Taïro is set to capture our hearts this summer at the Fort de Saint-Père!