Tyrone Downie Stage

Explore Patrice’s infinitely rich and audacious universe at NO LOGO BZH, where this extraordinary musician takes you on an artistic and geographical journey that’s as captivating as it is inspiring.

Patrice is the epitome of a fusion of cultures and influences, navigating between the great halls of Paris and Berlin and the hills of Jamaica where he builds his dream studio with his own hands. Between Kingston, Cologne, New York and the four corners of the globe, he draws inspiration from his constant travels, chance encounters and experiences.

His music, tinged with Afro-dancehall and intoxicating rhythms, captures the creative energy he generously shares with his audiences in performances that are as unexpected as they are memorable, sometimes even in the early hours of the morning.

Through soulful refrains and pop choruses, Patrice celebrates those precious moments of communion when time seems suspended on tracks like ‘Sun Is Out’. His new album, carrying universal messages of freedom and sincerity, is a veritable rebirth after a long absence marked by the pandemic.

With nine tracks imbued with his talent and soul, Patrice orchestrates in his own unique way a hymn to life, perseverance and faith in our dreams. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this unique and authentic experience in August 2024 on the big Tyrone Downie stage, where Patrice’s magic will be working to the delight of festival-goers.

What an honour to welcome him to 2K24 on the Tyrone Downie stage!!!!