Tyrone Downie Stage

Immerse yourself in the sunny world of Luciano at No Logo BZH, where this Jamaican-born singer, deeply inspired by Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ movement, will take you on a spiritual journey to the heart of roots reggae.

Born on the paradise island of Jamaica, Luciano quickly emerged as one of reggae’s most iconic voices, influencing lives around the world with his message of peace and love. His fruitful collaboration with Island Records’ Blackwell has resulted in a string of No. 1 hits, including an album named one of the 30 best reggae albums of all time by Mojo magazine.

With his haunting voice and unwavering commitment to the message of unity and positivity, Luciano is much more than a singer, he is a true messenger. His unique bond with his audience has earned him the undisputed title of “The Messenjah”.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a transcendent experience by attending Luciano’s performance at the Fort de Saint-Père, where his infectious energy and unrivalled charisma will transport you to new heights of positive vibes.