VENDREDI 9 AOÛT / Tyrone Downie Stage

After an 18-month international tour, JAHNERATION will be back at the Fort de St-Père to delight us all, because like you, we love the energy of the duo formed in 2009 by Théo and Ogach.

Musicians since their earliest childhood, they compose, write and sing in English mixed with Jamaican patois. In love with the island and its music, the duo draw their inspiration from frequent trips there. Their meeting with Naâman in 2011 marked a turning point in their career, as they recorded ‘Me Nah Fed Up’: a Reggae/Hip Hop track that would leave a lasting impression on young Reggae fans, and ensure them a loyal following for the first time! After four albums and hundreds of concerts, they sold out the Olympia in 2022.

Prolific, creative and powerful on stage, they bring together a vast audience with their modern, dynamic Reggae.

They are currently releasing extracts from their second mixtape, featuring new Mic sessions: The singles “Back Inna Di Dance” and “Wham ToDem” are already enjoying worldwide success.

We’re counting on you to sing along!