Tyrone Downie Stage

FLAVIA COELHO has travelled all over the world, from the morros of Rio de Janeiro to the cobbled streets of Paris.
Since arriving in France in 2006, she has sold out an Olympia and toured everywhere from Africa to Canada, Europe and India.
With each tour, this Carioca at heart brings with her different sounds, colours and desires.

Flavia mixes pop, samba, reggae, forro, bossa and hip hop with a unique voice that expresses her personality as an artist and a free woman.

After 4 albums and numerous collaborations, she is back, more inspired than ever, with this new studio album, due for release in April.

We’re delighted to welcome her for the first time to the Fort de St-Père!

Having already seen it live on stage, we can assure you it’s the bomb!