Scène Tyrone Downie

Photo Samuel Tarin

You’ve been waiting a long time for N0 LOGO BZH, and now it’s time for 2024!

Do we need to introduce them to you? Not for sure, as so many of you have been following them, but we’re going to give you the DUB INC recipe, combining an inimitable sense of melody with a human ethic underpinned by sincere lyrics, which has enabled them to export their reggae from the North to the South and from the East to the West of our planet. Moving between reggae, dancehall, Kabyle and world music, the group is driven by the voices of Bouchkour and Komlan, and their styles, which are as different as they are complementary.

Whether they’re singing in French, English or Kabyle, the message is universal: the importance of mixing and blending styles. And their live energy does the rest!

Welcome to No Logo BZH DUB INC!!!

Concert in St-Etienne !